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knowledgeispowerpowercorrupts: I love your blog... I love every girl. They are fucking beautiful. Every single one.

I couldn’t agree more! :)

deebossvicious: I Want To Submit My Hair Buh I Don't Know How, Lol Help?<3

eat-the-children: If you show me what you mean by drawn out icon, I can tell you if I can make it or not. :)

I actually really like the ones this girl makes ( but I already asked her but I don’t think she’ll be doing mine… :’( 

But anything works really! Like those ones people make on paint and stuff. I just really want one, haha.

sinnertobesaint: I could run this blog with you if you like :)

I already tried asking for new help with this blog, but it turns out that if I want people to help run submissions, I have to make them an admin. I just don’t feel very comfortable making strangers admins on this blog cause if I don’t want them on anymore, I can’t kick them off. :P

atyourinconvenience: when is the next time you're gonna open your submit? xo

Unfortunately, it probably won’t be till next weekend. I have a lot of family stuff this week. :’(

queenofdubstep: id love to be admin on here ;3

Sorry, sex-hair is my baby. I can’t just let anyone run her. D:

illusion-machines: Has anyone used N'Rage demi-permanent hair color? Specifically Crimson Red? If so, what have experiences been like? Good? Bad? Thanks!

I’ve actually used that one! And I mixed it with this red protein filler thing and it lasted forever (well a lot longer than most red hair dyes). It does still bleed a lot in the shower and when you get your hair wet though. And for me, my roots needed to be retouched every so often. But for the most part, it did me well. :)



girls-sounds-colors: I think You're The Sexiest girl Out of all the ones you post

Are you sure you’re talking about me? Cause I rarely ever post my picture here, haha.

peppermintteandhoney-deactivate: Crazy color! All the way! I've used a lot of bright colours on my hair and nothing compares to crazy color! It's lasts so long, the vibrancy. It's amazing! The colours are beautiful! :)

Here’s another brand ^^ :)

unicorgi: What brand of hairdye do you prefer?

For unnatural hair colors, a brand called “N’ Rage Color” has done wonders for me. It doesn’t have nearly as many color options as manic panic though, but for some reason manic panic just never wants to work properly on my hair (though it works for others).

But I’ve heard from many of my followers that if you’re really serious about dying your hair unnatural colors, Special Effects hair dye is the way to go. :)

fleshlickinlady: Why have you allowed pictures submited by someone else then the person on the picture? I though one of your rules was "Don’t submit for other people. If they have a Tumblr, they can submit themselves" and still you have done it..

For any of the following reasons.

  • That person doesn’t have a Tumblr. They’ll either send me a message before hand or they’ll let me know in their caption something like “Hey, my friend doesn’t have a Tumblr, but they have really cool hair. Do you mind if I submit for them?” Then I’ll be like “Sure, why not.”
  • Most commonly, I simply don’t know it’s not a picture of them. I don’t have the time or patience to go to every single blog of every single person that submits to me. And even when I do try to check, there are a lot of unorganized blogs that don’t really have a picture or a place of pictures of the actual owner of the blog, so I don’t even know what the person looks like to begin with.
  • Sometimes I’m just feeling nice. 

Sorry if it “bothers” you so much. But I think if the picture of hair is interesting enough, then that’s all that should matter anyway.

itsjustnoah: i wanna submit :c

Submissions are only open on weekends. Come by tomorrow. :)

lillyhasatumblr: ABOUT THE BIOTIN. Be super, super careful! It can break out your skin HORRIBLY. I learned the hard way:/. It took me months to get my skin back to normal. I was a little lucky though, because some people have gotten cystic acne without any history of skin problems because of it. Just wanted to warn the lovely followers:)


huskiebabe: Sex-Hair where have you gone? D:

We died D:

But no, I feel terrible that the blog has been completely dead for a couple of days, and I feel terrible for the submitters that are waiting for their pictures. :(

But I’m starting to work, and the girl who co-runs just started school so it’s taking a little adjusting too… Just be patient and everything will be running smoothly again. :)