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Sex-Hair going mobile.

What? We’re making an app? No way. :)


I’m throwing some submissions into the queue right now, but I still don’t really have a laptop or computer to use, so I don’t know how soon submissions will be open next or when the blog will be running regularly again. :’(

Sorry! I’ll figure something out. Just thought I’d give you guys a heads up.

Follower Question?

bob-rainbow asked: i have long thick wavy hair, i like to straighten it. what are some good shampoos and heat protectant products that will help keep my hair healthy? thanks <3

Have an answer for her? Leave it below!

Weekly Winners.

Slowly trying to get back into the habit of running this. :3 

100+ notes

And our weekly winner is…
Submissions are closed. Come next weekend. ;)
This is ridiculous.

Even though I don’t want to admit it, I need more help. I obviously no longer have enough time to keep this blogging running 24/7 like I used to. 

So, I’m looking for helpers. I don’t want to sound like an ass, but I run things my way and I don’t want helpers if you’re not going to listen to what I tell you. Also, I don’t want helpers that just want to use sex-hair for more followers. That makes me sad. 

I’ll probably look for 1-2 helpers. I’m sure there will be LOTS of people asking to help, so make yourself stand out a little. Just message me on my personal blog (not sex-hair’s), and I’ll send you the details! :)


I try to keep my personal life and my sex-hair blog separate from each other but… You know those cute drawn out icons some people have? I’m so obsessed with them. And I kinda want one so….

If anyone knows how to draw one, do you think you could do me a favor and make one for me? Think of it as an early birthday present to me? Or I can promote your blog and tell other people of your awesome skills? Cause I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants one. :3 

I’m lame. Anyway, if you make them, you should definitely let me know in the inbox. :)


I’m accepting Christmas submissions too. So even if your hair isn’t completely awesome at the moment, just send me a cute Christmas picture of you in a Santa hat, Christmas sweater, lots of red, ect. and I’ll accept it. :)


I say that a lot. But anyway, I’m like a month late on posting submissions so I just deleted everything in my inbox (both submissions and questions). I’m sorry, you guys probably think I’m an asshole.

Hopefully, possibly, I’ll add more co-runners onto the blog this new year. 

Anyway give me a minute and I’ll reopen submissions and all that fun stuff. And you asked any questions I haven’t answered yet and ask again and I’ll get to them. 

Happy birthday Sex-Hair!

That’s a lie cause sex-hair’s birthday was on the 24th. I just forgot about it. I’m a bad blog mother. :3

Anyway thanks for everyone that has followed so far! I remember making this blog and just thinking “Wow, I’ll be so lucky if this blog ever makes it to 500 followers”. Now, one year later and over 30,000+ followers, it’s still here and growing strong everyday.

I fall behind a lot when it comes to posting submissions, but thanks for being patient with me. I will be having a big contest soon with prizes and everything in the near future in honor of Sex-Hair’s first birthday. So watch for it! :)

Thank you everyone! I love you all so dearly. 


Weekly Winners.

Submitters with 100+ notes

And our top weekly winner is nikkienintendo with 420 notes! 

If you want to try to be a weekly winner, submit now. :)

Sex-Hair is an official participant.

This kinda stuff usually really annoys me, so sorry if it’s annoying you. But I’d rather try to participate and spread the word, instead of doing nothing and regretting it later when the government takes away Tumblr from me. I worked too hard for this god damn blog, I can’t just have them shut it down. 

Dammit America. Trying to take away our freedom to blog and see naked people.

If you go onto sex-hair right now, over my picture in the top left, there will be a black bar saying "stop censorship >”. If you click it, the link should bring you to another page where you can add your blog url to the participating list. It also gives you a code to put onto your blog if you want to show you’re supporting to stop censorship. 

Best/Fastest way to silver hair?

Trying to help someone get to silver/gray hair. Advice would be awesome! 

  • How much would you need to bleach
  • What toners do you need
  • Any other products needed 
  • Tips and anything else you think would be helpful

Leave the answer in the inbox.If your answer reaches text limit, break it into parts (part 1, part 2, ect) I’ll also leave the questions and answers on the “hair care” page to help anyone else that is also trying to get to silver hair. 

Thank you! :)

Follower Question.

A follower asked me which way would be the best way to get this color

Since I haven’t had purple in my hair for years, I don’t really know. SO, if any of you have dyed your hair purple, know good brands, know what brands to stay away from, or have any tips on dying purple hair, please leave it in the sex-hair inbox. 

If your answer reaches text limit, just break it up into parts. (part 1, part 2, ect.)

Thank you! :)

Weekly Winners.

From the last two weeks? Or something like that, haha. 

Submitters with 100+ notes

Top two weekly winners!

Submit this weekend if you wanna see if your picture can be a weekly winner :)

Favorite unnatural hair color?

or colors