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digupherb0n3s: Okay, addressing the purple hair issue. I constantly have unnatural colors in my hair. It's just part of who I am. I've been doing it since I was about 12 (I'm 23 now) As well as the fact I'm a cosmetologist. Depending on the product you use (and honestly, I have found that nrage, beyond the zone and manic panic are the WORST) and how often you wash your hair and how long you let it sit on there effect it's boldness, and lasting ability. I usually use Ion's new semi perm colors (Which are beau

pinkpantswhiteshirt: "I'm a cosmetologist and I can tell you no unnatural color will last longer then two weeks without fading (washing every day/every other day)" False. It all depends on your hair type and the brand of dye you use. For me personally, Special Effects Atomic Pink lasted literally for two months with very, VERY little fading (people would ask me every day if I had JUST dyed my hair.) I washed it daily in hot, hot water. Manic Panic, on the other hand, washed out to white blonde in 2 weeks. Research!

fit-bananna: For the girl wanting purple hair. I have teal hair now and the only way it stays vibrant is because of the Manic Panic (atomic turquoise) that I have both in my shampoo AND conditioner. About a quarter of the bottle in each, shaken.

deathly-hall0ws: To the girl asking about purple hair: I currently have a strip of it and have had it for a year. I'm a cosmetologist and I can tell you no unnatural color will last longer then two weeks without fading (washing every day/every other day). The only way to keep it up is to continually color it - I do mine every 2-3 weeks. It's always best to wash under cold water, to keep the cuticle flat and the hair color particles sealed in the strand. That's about all I can offer, I'm open to any questions!

gowiththefl0-deactivated2012062: Ion just came out with a purple hair color! It's a brand at Sally's. If they don't have it at the store, they've got it online! (: It's called Ion Color Brilliance Brights & they have them in other colors as well

Ion is a very nice brand. I’ve used their black and it made my hair feel great. 

ohstanley: the RAW brand makes a beautiful purple hair dye. it bleeds a good bit the first day or so but it stays a really long time. from like dark indigo to violet sooo i love it. i buy it at hot topic.

wintervines: for the girl asking about purple hair, special effects has a good long lasting purple dye!

thereisfaithinlovee: Hi i need help, ive tired about 3 diffrent brands for purple hair dye and they all have not last as long as i would like, couldyou or any followers tell me good brands to use? please please please <3 im in the US if that matters

The only brands I have used for purple were Manic Panic and Beyond The Zone. 
Can anyone help her? 

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