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The original Sex-Hair.

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General FAQ

*Quick Note!  

  • Sometimes when you ask a question, I reply privately. That means when you ask “sex-hair” a question, and I reply privately, it will show up in your inbox as my personal blog replying. Just thought you should know so you don’t think a stranger is replying to you. 
  • Just cause everyone now has access to my personal blog, doesn’t mean I want everyone to follow it. 

Did you see the compliment I left your blog?

  • If you complimented my blog, I did see it, I just didn’t post it. You can still find it though. I post all compliments I receive on the compliments page. To find that page, just click the red heart by “The Original Sex-Hair” in the side bar. :)

"I don’t like a lot of the submissions you post"

  • Well, I’m a submission blog. Submissions are the reason I became so “popular”.
  • I do know how you feel sometimes though. I feel like some submissions take a lot of the quality out of my blog. But I don’t think I’ll be changing any of that anytime soon.

Why wasn’t my question answered?

  • I can’t check this everyday, so sometimes it can take a few days for me to get to your question. 
  • Or, it might be cause you can find the answer to your question on this page. 

Will you promote me?

  • No. Other than submissions, I don’t do any form of promotion for this blog. 

Will you follow me back?

  • Even if I wanted to follow you back, I can’t from this blog. This blog is only an extension from my personal blog, meaning that it can’t follow anyone.

Who is this person? (Insert random link of someone here)

  • If you’re looking at a picture on this blog and you don’t see a name or link, then I don’t know who it is.

Who is that person in your icon?

  • That would be me

What do you look like?

  • My picture is right on the blog 

Why didn’t you give this person credit for their picture?

  • I reblog pictures that are linked back to their original owners. But if I find a picture that isn’t connected to the original source, I save it. If you know where the credit belongs to, tell them before you tell me. I’ll only give it credit if the owner tells me it’s their picture.

What are weekly winners?

  • I open submissions every weekend. (Or I try to at least.) It’s basically a mini contest. At the end of the week I take the submissions from the previous week and see what picture got the most notes. With that picture they’re put on my “weekly winners” page and their picture is also put into my small slide show on the blog. If you click on their picture, it’ll take you directly to their tumblr.

Can you win weekly winners more than once?

  • Yes and no. 
  • Yes cause if you win, I’ll put your picture on the “weekly winners” page.
  • No you can’t be on the mini slide show again. 

Can I help you run the blog?

  • If I want help, I’ll let you guys know. Otherwise, don’t ask. But thanks anyway.

How do I make categories like yours?

  • Everytime you tag something, your blog gives it a URL. The URL will be your blog name, plus /tagged/, plus whatever you tagged it to be. 
  • Example: I tag something pink hair
    URL= hair
    Just as simple as that. Do you see where I’m going with this? 
  • After you found the URL, you just need to turn it into a word link. All you need is the following code:
    <a href=”URL GOES HERE”>Name of link here</a>
  • Using that pink hair example it would look like
    <a href=” hair”>Pink hair</a>
  • And then, you’re done. 

Submissions FAQ

How do I submit?

  • You submit when submissions are open. That means if you don’t see the submit button, you can’t submit.
  • If you do see the submit button, just click it and the rest should be easy to figure out.

Why is it taking my submissions so long to be posted?

  • 90% of my submissions I just throw in my queue. It will get posted when it gets posted, so be patient. 

How will I know if my picture is good enough to submit?

Why didn’t my picture make it up?

  • The answer to that can also probably be found on the submission guideline page. Link posted in previous question.

I can’t see the submit button?

  • There are two reasons for that. Either submissions are closed, or you browser doesn’t show my entire blog. Just click here, and if it lets you submit then it’s open. If it says “not found” or something along those lines, it’s closed. 

When are submissions open?

  • For the most part, I try to have it open every weekend. BUT watch out for clues, cause sometimes I secretly open it without announcing it. 

I posted a picture, how do I know you will post it?

  • Well, honestly you probably won’t know until I post it, if I do. If you’re really curious to know, you can just ask me.

I see other people’s submissions, but I don’t see me?

  • Well, if I did decide to use your picture, it may take a while. Maybe even up to a week if you’re unlucky.

Why does it take so long?

  • I normally get a lot of submissions. 300+ and since it’s only me, it’s not as easy for me to get through them.